As concerns about the environment grow and investment is poured into creating a ‘greener’ planet, jobs in renewable energy have skyrocketed. Matching innovative technologies with global monetary support, renewable energy is a booming sector.

Those with careers in renewable energy are paving the way for the future, while developing advanced feats of engineering. From offshore wind farms or hydropower plants, to solar panels or sustainable farming, there are hundreds of thousands of unique jobs in renewable energy.

Careers in Renewable Energy

With so many job roles and areas of expertise within renewable energy, we have put together this guide to careers in renewable energy including skills required and tips for getting started.

Renewable Energy Jobs

From apprenticeships through to senior roles, there are endless opportunities within the renewable energy sector. Initially fronted by specialised engineers and scientists, the industry has now grown to need a wide range of skillsets and experience encompassing numerous job roles.

Some of the job categories within renewable energy include:

  • Business and commercial
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Information technology
  • Maintenance
  • Management
  • Skilled trades

Within renewable energy there are many areas for specialism, including solar power, offshore, wind, hydropower, waste and recycling, biomass, piping and more – there is something for everybody!

Although not deemed a renewable energy source, nuclear energy is also a sector with ongoing interest and growth, offering engineering jobs and similar business-based roles.

Engineers, scientists, project managers, business developers, and consultants are just some of the jobs included, with very competitive pay. Renewable energy job salaries can vary from £18,000-£60,000 depending on experience, seniority and technical level.

Consultants and senior positions gain the most income as a reflection of the many years in the industry. Within the renewable energy sector there is great chance of career progression, especially concerning business development and project management.

Renewable Energy Job Skills

As jobs in renewable energy vary, so do the skills required. However, the general skills for any engineering or manufacturing job generally include being hands on, paying attention to detail, working well under pressure and with others, and so on.

For specific job roles, the exact skills required are clearly outlined within job role descriptions. Take for example a wind turbine service engineer, who would need to be prepared and trained to work at heights, have first aid and fire awareness training as well as other job specific requirements.

Renewable Energy Job Experience

Like most other jobs, the more experience you have in renewable energy, through education, training, and previous jobs, the more employable you are. As renewable energy is a scientific field, domestic or commercial experience is not desired, and instead employers look for science, manufacturing, factory, military and associated capabilities.

For roles such as consultant or project manager, general years of experience within the field are needed. Technically complex or academically advanced roles, such as engineering or scientific jobs, may require particular degrees or qualifications.

There are university degrees dedicated to renewable energy, however masters, apprenticeships or additional qualifications suffice. Find tips for applying to graduate engineering schemes and jobs here.

Tip for Getting a Job in Renewable Energy

Be Passionate

When applying for a job, passion is always important, but dedication towards improving the environment is fundamental to renewable energy jobs. Companies may often be looking for cost effective energy solutions but going green is critical to all. Those in the renewable energy industry want to ensure others have good intents too.

Talk to Sector Specialists

If you are considering a job in renewable energy, speak to recruiters. Although general job sites are useful for getting a feel for pay and requirements, those in the industry can find the perfect role for you. At BMR Solutions we are experts in engineering and manufacturing job recruitment, helping technical applicants find the ideal job.

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Research Training

Although plenty of renewable energy jobs require certain training, many employers will provide the training for you. Be sure to find out how the employer would support you – don’t be put off a job just because it asks for skills you don’t have yet! Otherwise, look into doing internships or apprenticeships to get experience and industry knowledge.

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Get Networking

Many renewable energy companies are keen to encourage women into STEM as well as attract graduates. Anyone with any interest in entering the sector should network as much as possible to stay informed on job openings or opportunities. Using LinkedIn and other such platforms, potential applicants get in contact with industry leaders and stay up-to-date on new developments or legislation.

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