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A big part of hiring and recruiting technical talent is about finding candidates that have the experience, skills, knowledge and drive to perform specific tasks. Engineering is a very technical discipline that requires keeping up to date with the latest insights, ideas and resources available. Employers want to ensure they have a workforce that can drive innovative ideas and projects. Recently, the explosion of content and access to data/resources, means engineers all over the world can become very skilled and knowledgeable around specific topics and challenges.

Engineering software and mobile apps have become increasingly utilised in engineering and help provide engineers with the platforms and virtual tools to perform tasks more effectively. Mobile apps and computer based programmes have replaced lots of the repetitive work and allow engineers to do more with less. This means engineers with experience using these apps become very sought-after with their skillsets.

As more and more opportunities arise from software and mobile apps, the engineers that can keep pace and learn how to leverage these apps will become the candidates who can impress employers and help businesses develop more innovative and productive engineering projects.

So, what are some apps and software that engineers should become familiar with?


The ability to review what screws and bolts are best for a particular job, is certainly something every engineer would find useful. Fortunately, this type of app exists and is allows engineers to make flawless decisions when it comes to screws, drilling, nailing and other activities.

This allows an engineer to assess the specific conditions and materials they are faced with and make decisions that are backed by a huge database of mathematical formulas and equations.

The more you use this app, the better you become at understanding what screws and drill bits are best situated to specific conditions. Before long, you’ll be able to predict and recommend the best solutions without the app and demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of an area of engineering that needs precision and accuracy.

Mechanical Engineer

For any mechanical engineer, having a guide into the key areas and topics related to mechanics on your phone is definitely worth considering. This helps provide potential ideas and solutions to day to day challenges. It may present possible solutions that help you overcome a particular challenge. This helps speed up projects and ensure time isn’t wasting guessing potential issues. Instead, a mechanical engineer can simply refer to the app and double check a particular topic.

Although the app can’t see your particular challenge, you can utilise all the formulas and relate this to any challenge you face.

Graphing Calculator

A graphing calculator app is a very useful tool for any engineer. Having the power of this type of scientific calculator on your phone or iPad, means you can confidently tackle any mathematically related challenge you incur.

Becoming familiar with the functionality and possibilities with these types of calculators (particularly the engineering functions) will certainly help with career prospects.


CADs, also known as computer aided design, have become an integral part of engineering and construction. FingerCAD and other CAD focused apps allow engineers the ability to create visual drawings and 3D images.

This can be particularly useful for client facing engineers who want to quickly showcase ideas and projects to customers and clients.

There are a variety of CAD based apps and some have slight specialisms, so check through different ones to find the most relevant one for your particular field of engineering.

Smart Tools

Smart Tools and other measurement apps allow engineers to quickly take into consideration distances, angles, slopes, vibrations, forces and other aspects to deliver accurate recommendations.

Engineering Unit Converter

A unit converter is a great app to get familiar with. This will allow you to instantly convert units and data sets. From electrical engineers to mechanical, this kind of app will save time and help support decisions and calculations.

In engineering, every measurement can be crucial and inaccurate conversions can be costly. Having an app that allows you to quickly and confidently convert units will mean you are able to have more impact as an engineer. Time spent double checking conversions can be replaced by tackling more challenges and problems.


I-Circuit is a very useful app for any electrical engineers. This app allows you to build a virtual circuit that continuously runs. You can therefore tweak settings and test different options before doing it in the real world.

This type of circuit app allows engineers the chance to test ideas and potential solutions. This means there is less need for trial and error on real world circuits and as a result, engineers can overcome challenges more efficiently.

I-Circuit can be used for beginners trying to learn different methods as well as experts trying to test different solutions and ideas.

Engineering Resources and BMR Solutions

Although some of the apps listed may seem relatively simple, they are still vital tools for engineers. They save time and help engineers do more. This can lead to all kinds of benefits and is how good engineers can become great engineers. Using these apps and other digital resources will give you an upper hand over other engineers and allow you to do better work.

As new technologies, apps and software come to the market, those engineers who have experience using similar digital tools are likely to find adopting new technologies much easier. Engineering is a discipline that can be supported by software and apps so is something engineers of any level should look to become more familiar with.

If you’re looking to progress your engineering career, why not let BMR Solutions help? We’re a team that has the network and support structure to help open the door to new opportunities.

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