The engineering industry is one of the UK’s largest sectors and it is always developing. Advancements in technology is largely responsible for the developments in the industry as it has enabled engineering firms to approach projects differently and also provide a much more efficient service to their clients.

Take a look at some of the top trends and developments that the engineering industry can expect to see in the near future.

Address the Shortfall of Engineers

It’s no secret that there’s a shortfall of engineers throughout the UK and several initiatives are being introduced in order to change this. EngineeringUK, for instance, is aware of the of importance of engineering in terms of the contribution it makes to the UK’s economic activity and exports, and is therefore dedicated to address the shortage of engineers. Examples of how EngineeringUK plan to tackle the lack of engineers include:

  • Increasing the supply pipeline of engineers from education Encourage many more pupils to choose STEM subjects and make well-informed choices that maintain the option of a career in engineering and technology.
  • Increasing Diversity Increase diversity in engineering and technology, through the entire education system and into and throughout employment.
  • Increasing the supply of skills through the workforce Draw on the talent already in the workforce: increase the skills, and improve the retention, of existing engineering employees – and attract employees from other sectors.

Initiatives to increase the number of engineers in the UK are likely to continue over the next few years.

Automation Developments

Automation is becoming more prominent and intelligent (as demonstrated through visual foresight and other recent breakthroughs) in the engineering industry each year. Robotics are now the most advanced they’ve ever been and are having a positive impact on productivity levels. Lower skilled engineers who are unable to work with these machines will inevitably be at a disadvantage to other engineers and will have a restricted skill offering.

Improvements in automation is great news for instrumentation and controls technicians however, as the developments will gradually lead to a number of new job opportunities arising.

Engineering job vacancies in Bristol and the South West

Exciting Project Developments

2018 has seen several major engineering projects start to take shape in the UK, such as High Speed 2, Hinkley Point C and Battersea Power Station Phase 2. We’re likely to see exciting progress made in these projects towards the end of the year.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) brings together advanced machinery, analytics and people in the workplace. It is a network of devices connected by communication technology that allows systems to monitor, collect, exchange, analyse and deliver valuable new insights, which will in turn help drive smarter and faster business decisions for industrial firms. It will continue to have an influence on the engineering industry as more solutions become readily available.

Engineering Jobs in Bristol

There is going to be plenty of exciting opportunities for engineers based in the UK over the next few years. Demand for high-quality engineers who are keeping up with the latest trends and technology will be greatly sought after.

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