If you read our previous blog discussing everything an aspiring warehouse operative needs to know, then you’ll appreciate just how important a role they play in today’s world. They’re a key component of the supply chain process and are instrumental to ensuring ecommerce customers aren’t left disappointed with damaged items or late deliveries.

Without warehouse supervisors, the efficiency of online shopping would seriously plummet.

The popularity of online shopping is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon, meaning that warehouse operatives are currently highly sought after. It’s one of the most in-demand career opportunities in the UK, meaning that now more than ever is the perfect time to pursue a career in this industry.

However, this doesn’t mean getting a job is easy. Employers won’t just employ anyone who walks through the office door, they’ll only consider those with the right mix of technical ability, personal skills and practical experience. So in order to maximise your chances of landing your dream job, you need to make yourself attractive and do all you can to ensure you appear as the strongest candidate.

To help you get started, we’ve put together this guide which provides some of our top tips for helping you to secure your dream job as a warehouse operative.

Gain Work Experience

Employers want to see evidence that you can perform certain skills and duties which is why it’s imperative you illustrate past employment and the value you provided to the organisation. Not only will it help to convey your knowledge and competence, but it also assures employers that they won’t have to spend time training you.

If you’re looking to get into the industry for the first time, then we advise seeking work experience or an unpaid internship before applying for a full-time vacancy. This isn’t just so that you can demonstrate your passion for the industry, but it will also help you to categorically decide whether it’s the career for you.

Build a Great CV

Having a CV that stands out from the competition can be a big advantage in a competitive job market. Of course you need to include all of your key details, such as your education and qualifications, but also look to identify some of your key achievements that suggest your relevancy for the job.

Highlighting some of your interests to portray your personality is another great way of making your CV a little different to the others.

For help making sure your CV is as relevant as possible for a specific role, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today. We’ve been involved in recruitment for over 30 years and are passionate about helping you to effectively present your application.

Tailor Your Applications for the Specific Job

If you’re applying for numerous vacancies then it’s absolutely essential you tailor each application to suit the specific job description. Successful applications are the ones that are targeted and researched with skills to match the role so spend considerable time researching the company beforehand and make sure you fully understand the job description so that you can adjust and position your application accordingly.

Another good idea is to prepare some questions about the role, company and/or prospects in advance of your interview – it’ll showcase your research and demonstrate interest beyond what is solely provided in the vacancy description.

Don’t Give Up

It’s important that you stay positive even if you face rejection. Every time you miss out on a job remember to ask interviewers for feedback to see where you can strengthen and make sure you spend time working on it ahead of your next interview.

The interview process is a learning curve, and each vacancy you’re rejected from is a step towards the one you’ll eventually get.

Sign Up for Job Alerts

To help make sure you never miss a warehouse operative or similar vacancy, it’s highly recommended that you sign up for job alerts. You’ll be instantly notified when any jobs related to your preferences become available, ensuring you don’t miss out on any potential dream jobs.

Alternatively, you can send your CV to our recruitment experts. We’ll get to understand your specific skillset and utilise our vast network of clients to find a job perfectly suited to your capabilities.

Be Open-Minded

Another top tip is to avoid restricting your job search by geographical location. If you can’t find anything right for you in the nearby area, there’s likely to be plenty of opportunities further afield. Although moving to another area may seem daunting, it’ll certainly be worth it if you find the right role.

Likewise, try not to become too absorbed in finding the ‘perfect’ job. Don’t fixate too much on a certain job title or role, keep your mind open and broaden your search. It’s easier to move and progress once your employed than it is to wait for the ideal job – you might even enjoy the role you end up in!

You might want to set your sights on landing a job with the big boys, but don’t be afraid to also apply for positions at smaller companies. There’s less competition for these places and you tend to get more responsibility which will help to accelerate your career path.

Get Started with BMR Solutions

For professional help in finding your dream warehouse job, please get in touch with the BMR Solutions team today. We work with the south west’s finest and most reputable employers, providing unrivalled job opportunities to talented candidates.

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