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A Mechanical Design Engineer is one of those types of jobs that we love helping people find. We thought we’d help dissect everything you need to know about this career and tips for building a long-term successful career within this profession.

What is a Mechanical Design Engineer?

A Mechanical Design Engineer will have a qualification in mechanical engineering or related subject and an extensive technical knowledge. Primarily office based, a Mechanical Design Engineer will be solution focused and able to analyse, design, install and maintain mechanical systems. They will have the skills to create, draft and design product layouts and schemes in line with customer specifications and will be involved in the commission from start to finish.

Outside the office, a Mechanical Design Engineer will be called upon to meet with clients to discuss briefs and to pay site and plant visits to provide a comprehensive picture of the design brief in hand. A Mechanical Design Engineer can work in many varying fields, with the construction industry, defence sector, petroleum production, water and power providers, and electromagnetics currently major employers.

Skills Needed to be a Mechanical Design Engineer

The list below whilst not exhaustive outlines some of the skills prerequisite to the role of Mechanical Design Engineer:

  • Subject specific technical knowledge and a minimum of an HND qualification in mechanical engineering or similar with a sound knowledge of mechanical engineering principles and manufacturing processes.
  • Ability to problem solve, produce accurate documentation, conduct product testing and to review and improve product design at any stage in the design process.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills: A Mechanical Design Engineer needs to be able to communicate clearly at all stages of the process with both client and team at personal, spoken and written levels.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and to strict deadlines and have a flexible approach to working hours for when the heat is really on.
  • A thorough working knowledge of Computer Animated Design (CAD) software and how best to implement it to generate drawings and produce 3D designs.
  • A sound knowledge of maths and an ability to prepare and produce accurate budgets.
  • A top-notch team player: collaborative working is of the essence in product design and vital to keeping not just the client aware of what’s going on, but also safety engineers, buyers, planners, accountants and all team members.
  • High levels of competency in sketching, geometric and physical design and modelling.
  • Ability to keep abreast of developments and advances in technology and to apply them to personal practices.
  • A willingness and ability to undertake further training to enhance and develop expertise
  • Excellent leadership skills.
  • An analytical brain.
  • The ability to put the client first at all times.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Mechanical Design Engineer

Roles and responsibilities will vary depending on the job specification and the company you work for but below outlines a broad spectrum of roles and responsibilities you will encounter as a Mechanical Design Engineer:

  • Liaising with clients from the outset both on and off site to identify their requirements and to work within their time scales to draft, design, review and complete tasks to client’s specification
  • Liaising with contractors, suppliers, architects, accountants and managers
  • Undertaking complex calculations and research to problem solve during the project
  • Analysis and interpretation of data and information
  • Designing and implementing systems which will improve sustainability and efficiency
  • Constantly reviewing progress, investigating and undertaking analysis on how to improve existing projects or components and recommending modifications for systems as and when identified
  • Keeping up to date with most current building regulations and Health and Safety standards
  • Creating accurate reports and documentation to summarise scientific and engineering principles and findings and writing them in a manner which is user friendly and easy to understand
  • Preparing detailed budget information which covers the concept, specification, tender and development of new projects or components
  • Ongoing testing and measuring of the performance of systems
  • Communicating effectively throughout each project with the client and all involved parties and players
  • Planning project conception and delivery and working to accurate time scales so the project is completed within budget and delivered on time
  • Implementation of CAD software to design and visualise projects
  • Undertaking model making, prototyping and product testing and identifying new systems and processes to drive quality, efficiency and cut costs
  • Leading a team of other engineers

Get Started with BMR Solutions

Mechanical Design Engineering is a highly technical role, so a high level of education is paramount. Starting salaries begin at £20,000 but can range up to £40,000 with some companies offering benefits packages for permanent employees such as a car or car allowance, private pension scheme, private health insurance, flexible working hours, ride to work schemes or travel allowances.

Depending on experience and expertise, Senior Mechanical Design Engineers can expect to earn between £40,000 and £55,000 per annum. With the steady growth in the construction industry, demand is high for skilled and qualified Mechanical Design Engineers. Companies recruiting may be small or large, each with their own particular benefits in terms of the roles offered and career progression: a small company will give the engineer more responsibility and independent working potential from the outset whilst a large company may afford more opportunities to work on larger and higher profile projects.

The key to finding the right job is working out which environment is best suited to you and which will offer you the career progression you want. With our experience and reputation working alongside some of the best and most reputable employers in the mechanical and engineering sector of the South West, this is where our expert team at BMR Solutions can help.

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