In this blog from BMR solutions we provide a detailed look into the role of a mechanical maintenance engineer, outlining responsibilities, necessary skills and salary.

What is a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer?

Firstly, you might ask ‘what is a maintenance engineer?’. In the broadest sense, maintenance engineers serve to repair and upkeep any machinery used within manufacturing, engineering and industrial contexts. Maintenance engineers are required to organise routine checks of equipment in addition to resolving faults when they arise. They can work across engineering sectors or specialise within one – the latter being the case for mechanical maintenance engineers.

Mechanical maintenance engineers must develop maintenance strategies surrounding the installation, upkeep and commissioning of mechanical equipment. When equipment breakdowns occur, mechanical maintenance specialists are required to analyse these breakdowns, identify the faults that have occurred and ensure that time critical issues are attended to promptly. In addition to maintaining and dealing with faults as and when they occur, mechanical maintenance engineers will also coordinate preventative action to limit wear and tear of machinery, as to extend the lifespan of equipment/supplies.

Mechanical maintenance engineers also have a role to play when new equipment is purchased for a plant or project. They often work alongside other maintenance figures, such as fitters and technicians, offering professional expertise to ensure that equipment is used safely and effectively.  They are also required to budget for any replacements, maintenance outgoings and other costs attached to mechanical equipment.

What Skills Does a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer Need?

A mechanical maintenance engineer will use a whole host of skills whilst on the job. These include –

  • The ability to apply relevant technical knowledge
  • Problem solving skills
  • Team working skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Skills in maths, science and IT
  • Ability to interpret mechanical drawings

Skills such as these are important to note when tailoring your CV and cover letter for mechanical maintenance roles. More tips on creating the perfect CV for engineering roles can be found in our blog post: CV Writing Tips for Engineers.

Working Hours

A mechanical maintenance engineer can work varied hours, but on average working time is around 40 hours per week. It should be noted that those in this role may be required to work unsociable hours, including nights, early mornings and weekends. These hours are often due to 24h opening times in plants and the need for different divisions of the workforce working together to complete a job.


As with many jobs, mechanical maintenance engineer salaries can vary from one plant/business to the next. The average mechanical maintenance engineer earns approximately £34,000 per year, with this likely to increase with experience. When looking to secure a mechanical maintenance engineering role, pay keen attention to the variety of salary options presented – don’t limit your earnings by failing to appreciate the budget variation across employers.

How to Become a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer

Engineering careers can be pursued via a variety of paths – some engineers gain qualifications through academic study and placements, others through apprenticeships and subsequent on-job experience. However, it’s important to have a good idea of the path you may wish to follow before starting out. If you’re set on a particular role or business, it would also be worthwhile to check their specific requirements, as they may vary from one to the next.

While not completely essential, it is highly desirable for budding engineers to acquire an engineering degree of some sort. Those without engineering degrees, however, are able to reach this position with appropriate experience in other lower-level engineering roles. Acquiring relevant industry qualifications can also help an engineer stand out and secure a position.

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