Facilities Supervisors are part of the team responsible for the operations and processes within business premises and operational facilities. By working hard to manage both staff and the equipment used, Facilities Supervisors and Managers can ensure a business functions safely and productively.

Specific duties will vary depending on the size of the premises and what the business does. From office blocks, to large manufacturing warehouses, a Facilities Supervisor can expect to contribute to bettering the way business facilities operate. They are likely to report to a Facilities Manager and offer support in the daily running of the facilities the business uses. This may include anything from one warehouse, to businesses with multisite locations, spanning different niche machinery and equipment.

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What Does a Facilities Supervisor Do?

A Facilities Supervisor will work closely with the Facilities Manager and others within the Facilities Management team. They’ll need to organise teams and equipment within the facility, as well as helping coordinate contractors.

Facilities Supervisors may be one of the first point of calls for welcoming contractors and suppliers to a facility. They may provide guided tours and help ensure maintenance teams and external contractors can get on with any job required.

Daily jobs will very much depend on the type of facilities within the business and what processes are in place. From inspecting and reporting on potential maintenance issues to ensuring workers feel safe and healthy in their working environment, a Facilities Supervisor needs to be ready for a variety of roles. Buying new equipment, scheduling meets, and organising operational processes, a Facilities Supervisor is likely to play a defining role in how productive a business’s offices and facilities can be.

Hazard and risk assessments are also a big priority for Facility Supervisors. Being able to ensure any business facility and those working within it, are not in any risk will ensure the business can develop and grow sustainably.

A Facilities Supervisor may also be required to report on the performance of the facilities and help the management team decide on appropriate actions. This may also include responding to queries regarding the maintenance of the facilities and ensure any issues get resolved as quick as possible.

Facilities Supervisor Skills

Project management skills are a huge advantage for a Facilities Supervisor. Coordinating processes, people and equipment needs someone who feels comfortable and confident managing projects. There could be multiple projects going on at once, so a Facilities Supervisor needs to know who should be doing what and ensuring everything is on schedule. This may often mean liaising with external contractors, suppliers and clients.

Another important skill to acquire is industry related problem-solving skills. Being able to spot inefficiencies or problems developing and being able to solve them within budget and on time, is a very useful within the facilities management team. A business facility may be struggling to keep costs down and you may be required to plan out how to reduce costs while maintaining the same processes and systems. This type of work can be challenging but also very engaging and enjoyable. Most business facilities will always want to improve efficiencies, productivity, and profitability, so utilising problem-solving skills in these ways can be of great use.

Negotiating skills can also be beneficial as working with contractors and external workers may mean negotiating prices for projects. Being able to understand how much a job is worth and negotiating that price can help keep costs down for the business.

A strong background in numbers and data can also be useful. Being able to create quantifiable results on processes and performance can make it easier to communicate with managers and others in the team.

For Facility Supervisors looking to seek further progress, strong leadership skills can help lead to management and senior manager roles within the facilities team.

Tips for Facilities Supervisors

Safety and security will always be top concerns for businesses running large operations with machinery and equipment. A Facilities Supervisor should look to keep up to speed with all the latest safety regulations and advice out there, to ensure they can meet expectations. Ensuring electrical systems, fire alarm systems and processes for emergencies are in place and effective, should also be prioritised.

Particularly in certain industries, such as those handling chemicals, safety becomes paramount for anyone working there. Failing to follow correct procedures can have devastating consequences. The facilities management team can massively benefit from a Facilities Supervisor works hard to gain training in safety and security related to that industry.

A forklift license can also be desirable in many instances. This can help mean you can help achieve objectives quickly and conveniently, instead of seeking someone else to do it. Forklift licenses are also generally useful to obtain for anyone who will be working in factories and warehouses.

Having a sound understanding of the industry is also a big benefit. Certain policies or regulations will be heavily influenced by the industry standards and Facility Supervisors who are knowledgeable about related topics will be able to make more of an impact. This also includes keeping up with the latest news and updates around the industry and ensuring the business isn’t missing any opportunities.

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