Are you looking for a promotion or entry into your first supervisory position within a company but are unsure of where to start?

Supervisor jobs can be extremely rewarding, however, they also come with a lot of responsibility and pressure at times.

So how do you go about landing that dream role as a supervisor?

We put together a list of things to help you in your career journey.

  • Get experience

You can’t walk into a supervisor job and immediately complete your duties effectively. You need to have experience in the role to earn trust and respect for your leadership. Get as much experience as possible and learn the role inside and out before taking the step into a supervisory role.

  • Lead by example

As a supervisor you need to set the standards for your team and maintain them. You need to aspire to always conduct your work in the manner that you would like every member of your team to maintain. In a supervisor role you need to be the example for your team to follow and maintain an effective work force.

  • Work your way up

The most common way for finding a supervisor job is to start at the bottom, show initiative and commitment to the role. When a supervisor job comes up it is likely that the company will look internally for promotion rather than looking to recruit externally.

Although some companies will look externally for people with relevant experience there is nothing like already knowing the company and their processes.

If you are looking for your first supervisory role, by displaying your ability to do a job before being officially offered it will build trust in your abilities. If you have never worked as a supervisor before you will lower your chances of being offered the role due to a lack of experience, however, by working your way through the ranks internally often the previous experience in a supervisory position will not be as important.

  • Be a leader not a boss

A supervisor should be a team captain not a boss. A supervisory job is a responsibility and not a privilege. You are effectively being placed in a position where you are responsible for the whole team’s performance so, if the team fails, you fail.

Being a supervisor is extremely rewarding when the role is fulfilled correctly. Always look for ways to improve productivity and provide your team with the tools and knowledge to succeed and do what you can to promote a healthy environment to grow together.

Respect is earned, not taken. Without respect your team will be destined to fail as they won’t respect your leadership or direction.

  • Do not be afraid to take criticism

You are not perfect, and no idea is without fault. Accepting criticism and learning from others’ opinions is one of the best ways to grow as a supervisor. You need to respect your team and allow them the space to raise issues if they have a genuine concern or feedback on your decisions.

This does not mean that you should always back down on your decisions but at least be open to the idea and don’t write people’s opinions off from the start.

  • Hard work!

Becoming a supervisor is hard work. If you are not willing to put in the effort to get the job, then you will not succeed if you actually get it. If you put in the effort it will get noticed and if it doesn’t then maybe it is not the right position for you.

Many people feel that they deserve a promotion and have worked hard to earn one. If you have put in the effort and feel like it is not getting noticed it may be time to let your employer know or look for another position that you will find more fulfilling.

Should you wait to progress or move on?

This is a question that only you can answer as you’ll need to make a decision based on your own personal situation.

If you are happy with your current job and are simply trying to work your way up the corporate ladder to build your career, then you should start by talking to your supervisor or their senior.

Let them know that you are keen to progress and ask for advice on how to work your way up the ladder. It may just be that they didn’t know that you were looking to move up and assumed you were happy doing the role you were in.

Usually employers will be more than happy to offer advice on how to progress within the company. It is in their best interest for you to succeed and help grow their company.

However, this may not always be met with a positive outcome. Occasionally an employer or supervisor may state that there is no room for progression in your position and it may be time to make the decision to look for a supervisor job elsewhere.

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