The new year brings about a more positive outlook than 2020, with economies beginning to recover from the global effects of covid-19, industries regaining momentum, and fresh hope of a bright future. In 2021, there is great demand on industries to recover and rebuild, including engineering, manufacturing and technology. Notable trends to watch are renewable energy and tech, as well as some of the key impacts covid-19 has had on engineering.

In this guide to in-demand engineering jobs we highlight where engineers are most desired across industries and the associated skills sought out by employers in 2021. With high unemployment rates it is critical applicants stand out with applicable skills and experience.

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Top In-Demand Engineering Jobs 2021

AI Engineer

The growth of Artificial Intelligence technology has been exponential for the past few years, and 2021 will be no exception. From complex coding, to natural language experts or even robotics integration, AI is a powerful tool in the modern century with great functionalities and capabilities. Almost all industries utilise AI technology in some way, with even more likely to integrate AI into processes and technologies in 2021.

With industries hurrying to get AI technology and the associated benefits, AI engineers will be in high demand.

Software Engineer

During the pandemic the reliance on the internet and associated technologies became more crucial than ever. In light of working from home and business processes moving online more, software, complex computing and data processing have all become vital components to businesses. Software engineers, therefore, are in high demand in 2021 to meet the requirements of businesses in need of advanced software and capabilities.

From websites and search engines to machine programming or data protection, there are many ways software engineers are valuable in 2021.

Embedded Engineer

Similar to the above two jobs, embedded engineers will be very in demand in 2021 due to the rise of integrated technologies and the internet of things. Embedded engineers design and implement hardware or software for embedded systems, which in recent years has included the internet of things and cloud technologies.

Find out more about embedded engineers with this helpful blog.

Even household appliances such as fridges and light bulbs now commonly utilise these functionalities. As more businesses and industries adopt cloud computing and integrated internet technologies, embedded engineers will be greatly in demand in 2021.

Renewable Energy Engineer

Within the renewable energy industry there are a wide array of jobs suitable for engineers with a range of specialisms and talents. Engineers with experience in construction, maintenance, programming and more can explore roles in solar power, hydropower, biomass, recycling, wind power and more. As organisations across the globe continue to strive for better environmental impact and fight against climate change in 2021, the renewable energy industry is sure to grow.

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One area with particular growth in renewable energy technologies in 2021 is the automotive industry. By 2021 every car manufacturer that sells cars in Europe must ensure 95% of its fleet emits less than 95 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre. With regulations such as this, vehicle manufacturers will be searching for talented engineers with renewable energy skills in 2021.

Manufacturing Engineer

From CNC machine programmers to soldering technicians, any engineer or skilled worker who can help manufacturing in any way will be in high demand in 2021. One of the main ways for economies to recover post-covid is through increased manufacturing, helping to support supply lines and production of more technologies. Manufacturing may go beyond engineers working on machines and include robots, which are increasingly used to collaborate with humans and increase output while maintaining safety.

Interested in learning more about electrical systems? Becoming a soldering technician can be a great start to a career in electrical engineering.

Design Engineers

Engineers who research, design and create new products, or modify existing products, tools and systems, will be in high demand in 2021. Not only does the manufacturing industry benefit from design engineers, but also general product innovation using new technologies. As technological advancements are made in 2021, design engineers will be sought for their expertise.

Whether an engineer is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) expert or is more skilled in practice, engineers with design skills will be valuable in 2021.

Top In-Demand Skills 2021

Here are some of the top desirable skills for engineers to have in 2021:

  • Coding skill – Software engineers with the ability to code in multiple coding languages or across interfaces will be highly desirable.
  • Strong technology adoption – Even if a job isn’t particularly tech-based, it’s important an engineer in 2021 has a familiarity with modern technology.
  • Cross sector knowledge/experience – Knowledge and skill transfer across industries is increasing, such as tool or expertise sharing from aeronautical to automotive.
  • Ability to learn remotely – E-learning is a huge trend for 2021 as physical contact is reduced, therefore self-motivation and willingness to learn is key.
  • Video interview skill – Interviews in 2021 will likely be conducted over virtual platforms, so it is critical engineers perfect their virtual interview technique.

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