International Engineers Jobs – Tips for Landing Your Dream International Engineering JobIf you’ve heard the title Engineering Consultant flying around but aren’t sure what the job actually involves, you’re not alone. Engineering consultancy is a bit of a misunderstood field, which is why, in this article, we’re going to explain not only what an Engineering Consultant is, but also clear up what they do too.

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What is an Engineering Consultant?

Essentially an Engineering Consultant specialises in working on short term projects for a range of different clients. Rather than work in-house for a company, an Engineering Consultant will be brought on to advise on and manage a specific project. Once the project has finished the consultant then moves onto the next client and the next project.

Most Engineering Consultants are employed by engineering agencies who specialise in marketing themselves as experts on short term projects, but some Engineering Consultants could be self-employed too.

A Day in The Life of an Engineering Consultant

Due to the fact that they work on short term projects, an Engineering Consultant’s job is very diverse. Usually they will be working across a huge range of industries, with their roles changing every day. Often a consultant may specialise in certain industries and find that they repeatedly work on the same kind of projects, or the projects might all vary considerably.

Some typical responsibilities could include:

  • Advising companies on the best ways to start new engineering projects, mapping out what is feasible and advising on costs and timescales.
  • Planning out the project, including mapping the processes and risk assessing, as well as leading a team of designers and technical engineers.
  • Managing the project from start to finish, by overseeing processes and liaising with all involved parties.
  • Working on site at projects, meeting team members and discussing issues, as well as doing admin and project management from an office/desk.
  • Reporting back to business owners with status updates and any issues or project wins.
  • Wrapping up a project by signing off health and safety protocols and ensuring all steps have been covered thoroughly.

Education & Work Experience Requirements

To get a job as an Engineering Consultant you will need an engineering degree, or equivalent qualifications achieved through apprenticeships and work experience. Many Engineering Consultants start their careers through graduate schemes with bigger engineering consultancies, but others simply start out in entry level roles which will see them shadow more senior consultants to learn the ropes. Some work experience or a post graduate degree specialism in a specific field of engineering could be beneficial to finding more senior roles, or else you will likely begin specialising through your consultancy work anyway.

Engineering Consultant Skillset

As well as formal engineering qualifications, engineering consultants need to have a wealth of other soft skills. Excelling in these areas will help set you apart from other candidates.

Communication skills

One of the most important skills for an Engineering Consultant is communication, as you will need to be able to work with a team of people to ensure a project runs smoothly and, of course, make sure your client is happy with the work at all times.


As a consultant you will constantly be winning new business and new projects. Often companies will interview several consultants before choosing one, so you need to be able to sell your services and explain why you are the best person for the job.


Engineering Consultants work on a huge range of projects, so you will need to be adaptable and be able to use your practical engineering experience in versatile ways.

Detail Orientated

As the project manager, you will need to be very detail orientated, so that you can have eyes on all areas and still spot any issues. Your client will expect very high levels of service, so you need to be on top of things to ensure that you always deliver the best results.

Engineering Consultant Salary

As with any job, an Engineering Consultant salary varies considerably depending on seniority and experience. Unlike other jobs though, you can be fairly sure of a good wage as an Engineering Consultant. Companies will often pay a premium to hire good consultants, which means agencies can afford to pay their employees more than the average in-house engineer.

A standard Engineering Consultant salary is probably somewhere around the £35,000 a year mark, however this can go up considerably for senior consultants with specialist experience. If you work as a self-employed consultant then you are likely to earn even more still, as there will be no agency to take a cut.

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