Have you been in your role for a while? Feel there’s no progression? Is getting up in the morning an effort? Wanting to rekindle old skills and develop new ones? Wanting to wake excited at the prospect of a new job, new colleagues, a new work place and a different focus to your working day?

If so, it sounds as though the time is definitely right for you to start considering a new career opportunity. This is a big step, but with the support of BMR Solutions, we’re confident you can find a new dream job in the engineering and technical sectors.

Tips and Advice for Finding a New Career Opportunity

A new career opportunity is a big decision, both internally at the same company, or externally at a completely new company.

If you’d still like to be with the same company, then you will need to make that known. Ask to speak to your manager and discuss options. By making it clear you’re looking for a new opportunity within the company, managers and others in the organisation can listen to what you want and see if there is scope for a change.

If you’re looking for a move, perhaps you already have a contact or contacts in the area that you can talk to. Similarly, you can simply use a specialist technical recruitment agency to tap into a wider network. For technical job roles in the South West, our expert team here at BMR Solutions is a perfect first step. We partner with leading employers to best match you with potential new career opportunities. This can be a great exercise to help you understand the job market and see if a career move makes sense.

Searching for a new career opportunity isn’t something that happens overnight – instead, it often involves taking the time to think carefully about what you want from a new move. Consider your options, think ahead, think long term and do your research. Before “jumping ship” however, do consider carefully your motives in doing so: are you looking simply for an escape from your current situation? Is your current dissatisfaction likely to be truly long term or is it a passing phase? What will you be giving up in the process? And will a move fulfil you in terms of the job, your life/work balance and your earnings? Also, if you left your old job because you were disgruntled, think about what you will say at interview: prospective employers want to hear positive reasons behind why you are looking for a job with their company. They don’t want to hear you want a move because you hate your current job!

Tips for Landing New Job Offers

Consider your skillset: research potential courses you can take to expand on your knowledge, refocus your mind and spice up your CV. Remember, your CV is the first impression any prospective new employer will gain of you. So, revisit it, update it and make sure you edit it and proof read it well. By uploading your CV with us, we can help offer tips and recommendations and ensure your CV makes a powerful first impression.

Be sure to invest time in learning about specific companies or jobs you are applying for. In a world where hundreds of applications can be submitted for particular fields of work, you must make sure your CV and interview do exactly what is requested and stands out from the rest for professionalism. That will get you shortlisted for further interviews and job offers.

Be prepared for the long game. It may be a case that you still need more experience or skills before you can land the dream job. And on that journey, you may well have to submit a good number of job applications and be faced with apparent rejection again and again. If you are really serious about this dream job, then it is paramount that you maintain your motivation. In this respect, it can be helpful to have a realistic timetable of what you want to achieve and by when.

If a job comes up in the meantime, so much the better. If not, then at the end of the said time frame – let’s say six months – you can revisit your timetable, seek new advice, brush up on your knowledge and experience, consider other skills you could acquire and seek outside help with your CV.

External support, such as a recruitment agency, can help set these expectations and provide guidance on getting job offers.

Get Started with BMR Solutions

Finding that dream job is not going to come easy. This is where BMR Solutions, with our wealth of experience and fantastic team, can help. We are the specialists of the South West for the recruitment of people with backgrounds in engineering or manufacturing. We work alongside top companies and our goal is to match both you and them to the perfect role.

We are always looking for driven people with experience or transferable skills to fulfil roles within the industries we serve. And with unparalleled job opportunities within the engineering and manufacturing industry at our fingertips, we are your first port of call in helping you source that ideal job. Think we can help? Upload your CV to our website today.

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