A Beginners Guide to Careers in the Manufacturing and Production Industry


When researching roles in manufacturing and production, the broadness of the industry can be overwhelming to prospective applicants – especially those that are totally new to the field. Comprised of a wide range of roles and sub industries, there is no set route to follow when embarking on […]

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Job Spotlight: Material Controller


General Overview

 Material controllers facilitate the movement of materials from one department of a business to another. Different businesses require different services form their material controller and responsibilities can vary greatly. Material controllers may be responsible for updating records regarding movement of material, liaising with sellers, performing safety checks […]

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What is a HSE Manager?

HSE is a commonly used abbreviation for Health and Safety Executive. Sometimes, HSE is also used to abbreviate Health, Safety and Environment. This is often the case when used in the context of a HSE Manager role. A HSE Manager is required to work across all of a business’ […]

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Mechanical Maintenance Engineer – Job Description, Role & Salary

In this blog from BMR solutions we provide a detailed look into the role of a mechanical maintenance engineer, outlining responsibilities, necessary skills and salary.

What is a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer?

Firstly, you might ask ‘what is a maintenance engineer?’. In the broadest sense, maintenance engineers serve to repair […]

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